Offshore vs. US Sportsbooks – March Madness

March Madness is upon us. We explain why you should be betting at an offshore sportsbook.

Offshore Sportsbooks vs. US Sportsbooks

There is a reason why diehard US sports bettors still rely on the top-rated offshore sportsbooks for all of their betting needs. This becomes rather evident when a month like March rolls around.

The NFL may dominate January into February when it comes to betting on sports. However, March into early April belongs to college basketball.

The beginning of the month sets the stage for more than 30 individual postseason conference tournaments.

This leads to the annual NCAA Tournament for the 68 best teams in college basketball. And a three-week quest for a national title.


Betting on March Madness

The best offshore sportsbooks have been dialing up the excitement for March Madness for close to 30 years. US-based sportsbook operators barely have three years under their belts for the biggest sports betting event of the entire year.

The glaring difference between the two is availability.

You can open multiple offshore sportsbook betting accounts that provide fast and easy access. They allow you to bet on the games no matter where you are located in the country. Another benefit to multiple sportsbooks is line shopping. Click the link to learn more about comparing betting lines.

US sportsbooks are bound by geographic boundaries.

They need to incorporate tracking software such as GeoComply to validate any bettor’s IP address. If you happen to be located outside an area of service. Your bets on tonight’s big college basketball games are not getting placed.

March Madness Betting Lines

Another big difference between the two options during March Madness is the competitiveness of each book’s betting odds. Given the single-elimination aspect of any college basketball tournament game. Betting head-to-head money line matchups is a very popular betting option.

Bettors love picking upsets this time of the year and earning the best return possible on those picks is top of mind.

For example, if you can get North Carolina at +135 over Duke at a top offshore sportsbook. Why would you bet the Tar Heels at +125 odds at one of the US-based online betting sites?

Offshore Books Have 30 Years of Experience

In general terms, since offshore books have been catering to US players for close to three decades. They have a keen sense of what these players are looking for in an online sports betting site.

The learning curve with US-based books remains rather steep. This is especially true in the variety of ways you can wager on college basketball games. Betting markets at offshore books have zero restrictions given the favorable gaming regulations in jurisdictions such as Costa Rica.

More than a few US states offering sports betting have strict rules in place governing betting on college sports in general. The fact that these rules and restrictions change from state to state makes the whole matter all the more confusing.

Gateway to March Madness Wagering

In simple terms, an online sports betting account at a popular offshore sportsbook is your gateway to everything March Madness has to offer.

This includes a multitude of betting options for every game in every conference tournament. Followed by a full complement of betting lines for every NCAA Tournament game.

Add in special sportsbook promotional offers and big-money tournament bracket contests. Offshore books continue to maintain a rather wide gap against their US-based competition.

Making money on your sports betting strategy for college basketball presents a very lucrative opportunity in the month of March. This is true as long as you are working with the right online betting venue.