Open Your Own Sportsbook Today

Today is the day to open your own sportsbook!

You’re a sports fan that likes to bet on games and have always wondered what it would be like to be a bookie. You’re in luck because these days it’s much easier to get started.

Years ago, setting up and operating your own sportsbook was a pretty arduous task. Bookies started with a pen and paper. They set their own lines and odds, and spent hours of time on the phone taking bets.

With the latest in sports betting technology, there is now an entire industry dedicated to helping anyone realize the dream of becoming a bookie. 

What is Pay Per Head?

The pay per head industry is full of companies that provide a full range of services for the independent bookie. In exchange for the services provided, the bookie pays a weekly fee for each of his players. That is where the “per head” comes from.

Pay per head is the most comprehensive betting system in existence. Bookies get everything from a fully functional website to a payment processing system, full betting board, backend customer service, and more.

A pay per head provider offers a turnkey solution that any aspiring bookie can plug into and start a sportsbook. Using the right pay per head can help open your own sportsbook without any hassle. The full suite of services offered is amazing, but as the commercials always say “but wait, there’s more.”

Right Here, Right Now – Open Your Own Sportsbook

Starting any business can be difficult. More often than not, it takes a good deal of time to actually be up and running in any industry.

What if you could have your own fully functional sportsbook in a matter of hours? It’s entirely possible with today’s pay per head technology.

As the industry has grown, PPH companies are now to the point where they can set up customized websites in a matter of hours. Not only is the website ready to go, all the other services are ready for you to start doing business … in a matter of hours!


Features & Benefits When Opening Your Own Sportsbook

The biggest value in partnering with a pay per head company is the website. Unless you are a webmaster, you cannot build a state of the art website like a PPH can. 

The website has to be fully functional on mobile devices too. Roughly 90 percent of all betting activity takes place on a smartphone. The best pay per head companies know that and go to great lengths to make sure their customers – bookies – have websites designed to adapt to mobile devices. 

The website is where all of a bookie’s players go to check out the betting board and place bets. Bookies don’t have to worry about setting lines or odds either. That is all done for them and they have the ability to offer a multitude of bets on sports and events from all over the world. Bookies can also offer facebook and casino gambling through most pay per head companies.

Did you know that line shopping is the easiest way to win more bets?

Quite possibly the best service provided by a PPH is the customer support. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year, a bookie has a full team of professionals behind him to provide support to his players.

Open Your Own Sportsbook – Let a PPH Do the Dirty Work

Old school bookies would get calls at all hours of the day about payments, wagers, and more. With the support of a customer service team, a bookie no longer has to deal with those types of activities. From payment questions to technical issues, the customer service teams provided by pay per head companies can handle and fix anything. The best part is the bookie doesn’t have to deal with it at all.

With all of the administrative tasks of running a sportsbook taken care of, the independent bookie can do the one thing that will help his business grow. And that is adding more players. With their PPH taking care of everything else, the bookie has the time to go out and actively recruit new players.

Bookies can also spend time looking at a multitude of reports and figure out how to get their current players to wager more. Recruiting more players and getting current ones to bet more are two ways that bookies can get to greater profits.

The bottom line is that if you have the desire and the ability to be a bookie you can do so and be in business today. The best pay per head services in the industry can have your sportsbook ready to go in a matter of hours. With some work, you can begin reaping the rewards very quickly.