America’s Bookie Leads the Way for NHL Bettors

The 2021 NHL regular season is rapidly coming to a close with the start of May and America’s Bookie has you covered. The quest to win this year’s Stanley Cup gets underway midway through the month.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most exciting times of the year for NHL fans. it’s also exciting for anyone who loves to bet on the games.


Current Situation

The league switched things around for 2021 with four divisions grouped by regions. The Central Division features the Tampa Bay Lightning as defending champs playing teams such as Nashville and Dallas.

The East adds Boston to the lineup along with the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins. This season’s most unique twist is the North as an all Canadian division. This guarantees that a team from north of the border will be in this year’s semifinal round.

The West Division still has the Vegas Golden Knights but they are competing against Colorado, Minnesota and St. Louis for the top spot in the standings.

The shakeup in each division sets the stage for some dramatic matchups in postseason play. The best way to get in on all the betting action is at America’s Bookie online sportsbook. Based in Costa Rica, this top-rated offshore sportsbook has been catering to US players for more than a decade.

America’s Bookie – The NHL Sportsbook Leaders

Known as “America’s Most Trusted Bookie”, this online book has always remained committed to making your betting experience both safe and enjoyable. They will actually help you make money betting NHL playoff games.

The NHL may not be the biggest US pro league for sports betting with the NFL and NBA topping the list. However, anyone who knows anything about betting value is already taking full advantage of what betting hockey games has to offer.

As opposed to betting a game’s point spread between the favorite and the underdog, hockey games are bet straight-up with the use of a money line. This lets you go chalk on the favorite with higher financial risk on your bet. You can also roll the dice on an upset to earn a higher return on investment betting underdogs.

America’s Bookie has also gained a solid reputation for offering the most competitive NHL money lines in the sports betting industry. Saving $5 or even $10 in juice can add up quickly. If you end up on a cold streak betting favorites. Adding $5 or $10 to your overall return on winning bets on underdogs can add up to quite a bit of money over the course of the season right through the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Betting Three-Way Total Lines at America’s Bookie

The other popular way to bet on NHL games is through the total line.

America’s Bookie shows itself as a top online sportsbook by expanding this option with three-way total lines that post odds for a tie in regulation.

Ties in the regular season are rather common. Once competition tightens up in the playoffs, betting on a tie at the end of three periods can result in some rather lucrative returns.

To add even more excitement to the action on the ice, you can bet each game’s puck line with a 1.5 goal spread, Stanley Cup futures and a grocery list of prop bet options for every postseason game.

If you really want to turn up the heat on this year’s run to a Stanley Cup Championship, you can bet on the games after they have gotten underway through America’s Bookie live in-game betting options.