Line Shopping: The Easiest Way to Win More Bets

Every sports bettors’ dream is to win more bets, and line shopping is the easiest way to help you do that. Bettors will try all sorts of different strategies before realizing one of the easiest ways to win more bets is to simply shop for the best lines.

Sharp bettors, the experts in the business, will sort through several sportsbooks searching for lines and odds that are advantageous to them. The thing about line shopping is that it isn’t a very difficult strategy to employ. Bettors of all levels can benefit from it.

Why Line Shopping?

The reason why any bettor should line shop is simple. It’s the same reason why someone chooses Gas Station A over Gas Station B. The gas at Station A is cheaper.

Let’s use an example from an NBA game to illustrate why bettors should be shopping for lines.

Sportsbook A

New York Knicks +7.0 (-110) +275 O 213.5 (-115)

Los Angeles Lakers -7.0 (-110) -350 U 213.5 (-105)

If you like the Knicks to cover, a $110 bet would pay out $100 if New York loses by six points or less or the Knicks win outright. Now, you could simply place that bet or you could head over to Sportsbook B where we find the following.

Sportsbook B

New York Knicks +7.5 (-110) +275 O 213.5 (-115)

Los Angeles Lakers -7.5 (-110) -350 U 213.5 (-105)

If you were a smart bettor and shopped this line around, you would find at Sportsbook B an extra half-point on the Knicks. Instead of losing by six or less, the Knicks can lose by seven or less (or win outright) and your bet wins. 

It might not seem like much, but every time you find an extra half-point you have a greater chance of winning a bet.


Benefits of Shopping Lines

Shopping for the best lines can really make a difference in MLB betting. Baseball is more of a moneyline sport. When you bet on favorites in baseball, it really pays to find the best moneyline price.

Let’s say you like the Dodgers against the Phillies. L.A. is a big favorite at -175. If the Dodgers win, your $175 bet earns you $100, but what if they lose? You’re out your $175. 

It would serve you to shop for a better line. The same game may list the Dodgers at -150 at 1Vice. Instead of losing $175, you only lose $150. Over time, that $25 savings will add up.

On the other end, let’s say you have found a situation where you want to wager on the Phillies as the underdog against L.A. At +150, your $100 bet will pay out $150, but if you found Philadelphia at +175 you would earn $25 more ($175). Again, over time you can maximize your profits on underdogs by shopping for the best lines.

When to Shop for Lines

Line shopping will differ a little by sport.

In the NFL for example, there is normally a week between games.

This gives bettors plenty of time to do their research. The best time to shop for NFL lines is either right after they are released or right before kickoff. These are the times when the lines tend to fluctuate.

That is when bettors can find favorable numbers. Taking the time to compare betting lines at multiple sportsbook will undoubtedly help you win more bets.

The number of games is greater in the NBA, NHL, and MLB and the time between games is shorter. Normally, the best time to line shop in these sports is soon after the lines are released. The key is to follow the money. If the sharps are laying down big money on a certain line, there’s a reason. It’s usually one that the average bettor can take advantage of.

Where To Do Your Line Shopping

Shopping for the best lines will require bettors to invest time in doing their research. Exploring your betting options at multiple sportsbooks is not a small task and requires some diligence. 

Among the sportsbooks that you visit on a daily basis, 1Vice and HRWager should be two that are high up on your list. HRWager is a relatively newer player in the market and being new it has some of the latest and best technology in the sports betting industry. That allows for sharp lines.

That is a key for bettors – finding sharp lines. Some days, the best lines might be at PointsBet or BetUSA. Other days, the best lines on the games you’re betting might be at HRWager. Regardless, if you want an easy way to win more bets and ultimately win more money, line shopping is the way to go.