Compare Betting Lines to Increase Your Winning Percentage

Let’s talk about why you compare betting lines.

There are a few big differences that separate recreational sports bettors from professional handicappers. Professional handicappers take betting seriously. They do the required amount of work to consistently win bets on an array of sports.

Comparing betting lines is a necessary strategy that great bettors utilize to raise their winning percentage. If you’re not comparing daily betting lines, I suggest that you start doing this immediately. This small effort will result in a lot more wins on your betting slips.


Why Do You Need to Compare Betting Lines?

Sportsbooks are often run by pay per head services (PPH). A PPH does everything for a sportsbook except handle banking methods.

PPH services are the software behind a sportsbook. There are tons of PPH services that are utilized in the sports betting community.

Some sportsbooks share PPH providers. In this case, books will typically have the same lines. Despite this, most sportsbooks offer slightly different odds.

The game line on one book may give you a great chance to win. Another book in the betting world could put you at a disadvantage before the game even starts.

Sports betting can be tough to win even if you do a lot of research. You need to take advantage of all the help you can get before locking in a betting slip.

Here’s an example:

Sportsbook A has a team favored at -7.5. Sportsbook B has the same team favored at -6.5. 

If you like the favored team to cover, you should place your bet on Sportsbook B. This way, the team would only have to win by seven for the bet to be successful. If you placed the bet on Sportsbook A, the team would have to win by at least eight points.

If you wanted to bet the dog to cover, the best sportsbook would be A. This is because the team would be +7.5. 

The underdog could lose by up to seven for the bet to hit. If you bet on Sportsbook B, the team would need to be within six points of their opponent.

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Why Is This Important?

Line shopping is equivalent to buying free points. Real-life examples occur like the scenario above all the time. 

A half-point can make or break a bet on a point spread. If you don’t believe a point buffer is a big deal, you’re not serious about sports betting.

If you don’t compare lines, it will come back to hurt you at some point. Don’t lose money because you didn’t compare betting lines. The process of comparing betting lines couldn’t be simpler in today’s world.

There are websites dedicated to posting all the odds from the entire sports betting market. This gives you a one-stop shop to compare lines to give yourself the best chance to win. 

One reason that people don’t compare lines is because they don’t want to utilize multiple sportsbooks. Having accounts on several sportsbooks will make you a superior bettor. 

Sports betting has one purpose. People bet on sports to win money. 

You need to utilize multiple sportsbooks and compare lines. This will give you a higher winning percentage.