Let this Software do the Heavy Lifting

Bookies from around the United States are looking for the best sports betting software for one reason; they are tired of doing the heavy lifting alone. Bookies love their jobs don’t misunderstand the message here. There is nothing quite as freeing as self-employment. It’s great not having to report to “the man”, however, it’s absolutely awful being broke all of the time. To add insult to injury, it’s even worse when one must work like a dog all week long and still be broke. This is called bad management and there is a solution – bookie software is a management system that’s affordable and easy to use. The software performs the functions of a bookie and does the everyday tasks that must be completed. The pay per head providers are offering the software at an all-new and affordable price. There is simply no reason to bear the labor of this job alone when a personal assistant is available for around $7 per head. 

The Function of Bookie Software

    • The first and foremost important function of bookie software is to create an online presence for the bookie. You must be online with your bookie business or you have nothing. The business will slowly die, and your clients will leave one-by-one, and it will accumulate into a cascading domino effect, sooner than later.

    • Your clients want and expect you to be online for a few reasons but reason number one would be for 24/7 access. They want to gamble when they chose, not when you are available. Your clients will eventually grow tired of calling you and tired of chasing you down to get a bet in. You will get tired of this routine, and you already are tired of it!

    • With an online sportsbook you and your clients benefit. The BOOKIE SOFTWARE IS THE ONLINE SPORTSBOOK – Often this is confusing for folks that may not be in the know as to what the difference is. Bookie software is the name of the actual computer software that creates an online sportsbook.

    • The pay per head providers have perfected the software and built a sportsbook, casino, and racebook into one, turnkey program that runs, operates and functions as the bookie.

    • What you get is a desktop/mobile app that is point and click. There is no downloading, no programming, no site building, no hosting – none of that. You get everything with the click of a mouse. The PPH listens to your wants and gaming needs and they custom-build your online sportsbook, racebook, and casino. You will be up and operating within a day.

    • The software performs all of the duties that you must do as a local bookie. Think about what they are. The list is fairly comprehensive, we will name a few of them.

    • Accounting: You must know what’s up with your money and your budget. You know what your bankroll is and you must budget what you will accept in sports wagers, in accordance with the said budget. You must know where every dollar goes, how much is paid out on a daily basis and how much is won by you. You must keep clear and concise records if you care about earning a great income. The accounting process is done for you, all you must do is enter the deposit amount the player makes with you and enter any withdrawal amounts. The software does the rest. It knows how much players have won; how much they have lost and exactly who is “up on the house” and who is down”. You will have the luxury of on-demand players and financial reports. These are available to you 24/7 and you can print them.

    • The software accepts wagers over the internet – players can gamble against you from anywhere. You will never have to grade bet slips or settle arguments. The software does it all. If there is a question, the client can call an 800 number and speak to a representative as well as place bets over the phone if they choose to do so.

There are certainly many more fantastic attributes to bookie software. Call the PPH provider today and get started with a 4-week free trial. You will love the service and your clients will love it more. Start earning what you’re worth with bookie software.