This Software can handle the Football Season

Finding the best pay per head for football is an immediate need if you are a bookie on the move and one that wants to earn a fantastic income. We are in the thick of the season and to let a fantastic opportunity pass you by would be a huge mistake. Bookies across North America are discovering that by doing business with a PPH, it’s boosting their profits by more than 10-fold.

An Online Presence—

    • No matter the size of your operation, you must be online. It matters not if you have three active clients or 300. What matters is this; your clients must have 24/7 access to gamble against you. You want your players coming relentlessly. The more they play, the better the opportunity you have to win. Players will play if they have access and money in their account, they will spend their last dollar in an attempt to beat you and then redeposit!

    • Stop doing this the old fashioned way. Really, it’s time to put the “corner bookie business” on the shelf. That way worked 10-years ago, it’s not working today. The competition is fierce, and you must do everything you can to keep your clients.

    • With the click of a mouse, your client can find umpteen number of sportsbooks to deposit with and bet within 10-minutes. You can’t allow this to happen. With a PPH you can save your business and keep your clients close.

Software for bookies is a PPH—

    • More than 20-years ago a group of bookies put their heads together and decided that more was needed to retain the betting public. None of these bookies was a software specialist or had programming experience. What they did possess was the discernment to realize their clients needed more and that in order to offer them more they must find and hire the right people to build the right kind of management program that would bring an online presence that gives their clients a fantastic sportsbook, racebook, and casino, all in one place.

    • The bookie discovered immediate success. They found that clients loved the online gambling genre. This is exactly what bettors want and had been clamoring for. Gamblers want to gamble on their time, not the bookies time. They want to gamble when they want to gamble, not when you are open for business and can take a phone call. Those ways are antiquated, dated and frankly; who wants to take phone calls all day from clients? All this does is make your life miserable. There is a better way to do business and it’s through the use of pay per head software.

    • Over the course of some 20+ years, the PPH providers have worked tirelessly to improve their product, what they charge, and how it works for the bookie.

    • The cost is affordable. When you sign up with a PPH you can expect to pay between $7-$10 per head, per week. Back in the “good old days” the PPH companies had struck gold with an amazing product and they thought every bookie in the country would come running to pay them their weight in gold – it didn’t happen! The providers were charging upwards of $25 per head. Nobody could afford this. They were forced to go back to the drawing board and reevaluate what they were going to charge.

    • Nowadays, the best PPH software providers are charging a nominal fee of around $7-$10 per head. It’s very simple, the bookie is afforded the services of an online sportsbook, racebook, and casino. You get the best customer support in the industry as well as your clients. Your clients will have access to phone wagering if you elect the service and they have access to a toll-free hotline that accessible from the United States.

    • The best PPH software puts together a fantastic wagering menu along with all of the best sporting events and odds that are set daily. No longer must the bookie go to war every morning setting lines and odds or grading bet slips when the event has ended

What you must look for in a PPH software provider is one that has a great reputation for security redundancy (one that never goes offline). You must be operational at all times, especially before big events. You must look for a fair price and shy away from “low ball offers” such as $2 per head. It may sound tempting but you get what you pay for. Look for free trial offers and get started today. Your players will love you and you will ask yourself why it took you so long to make the switch.

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