Make Money All Day Every Day

Making money is what keeps most of us on the tipoff our seats day after day; whether it’s as employees in any company, running our own business, coming up with different ideas. For us, who have been in the sports betting industry for some time now, it’s clear that this business moves enough money for all, and it’s easy to understand whywe all want a piece of the cake. But, how can we really get our hands on some of that money? Is it even possible? Well, a few years ago it may have not been as easy, or accessible, as it is today, but with Price per Head, now you have a real chance to set up your very own operation, and start making money all day, every day.

Start your PPH business with the lowest risk and investment

Joining a good Price per Head service is your first big step to success. Why? Price per Head is the only business model in sports betting that will allow you to open your very own operation with just a few hundred dollars invested. What this means is that your operational risks are maintained to the lowest level and you will be able to set up your shop, a world class, fully operational sportsbook, in just a matter of a few says, with your very own website in front, and a whole PPH company behind, making sure everything works as it should.

How much does it cost to open your own PPH Sportsbook?

With PPH what you pay is just a small weekly fee per active customer; that’s all! The actual price per head is what you will negotiate with your PPH service provider, and it depends, mostly, on the number of players you have. The average price you’ll end up paying is around $10 per player, what this means is that, if you have 30 players in total, but only 22 played this week, what you would have to pay your provider for this week is only $220. A couple hundred dollars for the week’s operational costs in a sportsbook?? Yes!

Remember, once you join PPH you’re your own bookie, and your responsibility is to deal with your customers yourself. What you pay your PPH provider is for operational costs; you will have a whole sportsbook operation working for you, day in and day out.

Start making money with your PPH sportsbook

Once your operation is all set up and ready to go, your players can just go to your website and do their thing. PPH services offer you the most updated, safest and easy to use wagering software, the sharpest line movers in the industry, customer service personnel, the best reporting tools available and much more. Now you are a part of the sports betting industry and you will be getting a piece of the cake. Your players will have access to different games and markets 24/7 and that’s how you will make money all day, every day.

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