Futures or Props | Where’s the Money?

 There is one central reason that you have decided to be a bookie, and that would be to earn a fantastic income. The online sportsbook industry is a fun one to be a part of and the life of a bookie is loaded with adventure. It’s also loaded with work and worry. As a bookie, you must do all of the little things and you must do them on a daily basis. You must also do them to the best of your ability for the simple fact that you are in the people-pleasing business. Bookies clients are always mad until they beat the pants off of you! This is just a simple fact of life that you must accept. When clients are losing, they are frustrated, and they become as if they are blackjack players. What do blackjack players do when they lose? They find a different table. Gamblers are superstitious and they will do anything to turn their luck around. What you must do is dance the dance that prevents them from leaving, you must offer them options. The money is found in options for the players and a varied betting menu. If you want to retain players, then offer them options with player props and futures bets.


  • Future bets are a must-have if you want to earn a pile of extra income. You may know a lot about setting future odds or you may know relatively nothing. Depending on how you are operating your sportsbook depends on how you deal with both futures and prop odds.

Make sure that you are using a pay per head that cares about you and that is willing to help you. If you are not using a pay per head, then that means you probably do not have an online presence. Without an online presence, your ability to earn big profits is severely limited. The pay per head providers have this gif figured out and they do everything for you, all of the bookies work. The best service they provide is setting lines and odds which includes futures and props. There is no way around it, your clients will want to bet futures and that’s a great thing. It’s money in your pocket right now without a payout tomorrow. Find the best pay per head on the web and moves your players today. It’s an inexpensive service that will pay big dividends.

The beauty in offering futures odds is the revenue you see today, that you won’t have to pay back until later on down the road towards the end of a series, or the playoffs, or the end of any given sport season. Example: NBA – To win the NBA Finals – Rockets 12/1. At the beginning of the season, you will want to offer this a future bet. Whatever revenue you bring in on that bet until your cut-off date, that’s revenue to the house. Should you lose, you will be paying out. Budget accordingly and set the right limits.

Prop Odds—

  • In our estimation, prop odds are more of an importance to the everyday revenue stream than futures. Futures carry a great deal of risk. Prop odds are a daily occurrence and it’s one and done. The real beauty of prop odds; they are hard to hit. The risk is for the player, not the house.
  • Again, we do not recommend setting prop odds on your own, get help. Unless you are a props expert and you have worked for a sportsbook in the past, do not do this on your own. It will turn into nothing but a nightmare.
  • You must offer props on the NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA FB, NCAA BB, Golf, Tennis, and the MLB. It’s a guaranteed money-maker. Find a great pay per head that sets your daily prop lines. You absolutely can’t live without this service.

A great pay per head charges around $10 per head and they perform every duty that a bookie must perform. They help you budget through the use of player, and financial reports. They help you keep track of your money. There is great money in props and futures. Find that pay per head and start your free trial today.

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