Can Students Earn Money While In College? Here’s How

The simple answer to this question is… Yes. Of course, students can make money while they’re in College. How much money? Well, that’s another topic. These are very exciting times for young people with dreams, goals and their whole lives ahead. Technology has taken us a lot closer to many of the things we once thought were unreachable and it’s important that you know your options; all of them.

On our part, sticking to what we know best, we must say, College is a great place and a great stage in your life to get involved in a little sports betting action; not as a player, but as a bookie. Can students earn money in college being bookies? The answer here is a definite YES!

Is it a sure thing?

We’ve all watched the movies, right? Quiet, nerdy guy gets bullied around by his classmates, wants to get revenge, does it masterfully once he becomes a successful bookie entrepreneur and takes all their money from them. Well that has some truth in it, but maybe you’re picturing it all wrong. In those movies we see old school bookmaking, handwritten tickets, phone calls, lots of Vegas mentions and tough, ugly bookmakers trying to get the best of naïve students.

Things are very different from that. Being a bookie right now is a lot simpler, a lot more profitable and a lot less ugly. Technology, as always, has come to save the day. Price per Head services allow you to own your very own online operation, while at the same time, taking care of everything in the office, so that you only have to worry about getting your customers over and playing, and being ready to settle with them. All you need to pay is a small weekly fee per active customer, and your PPH provider will take care of the rest.

What does this include?

  • Your very own online betting platform.
  • Safe and secure servers.
  • State of the art sports betting software.
  • Sharpest line movers in the business.
  • The most complete reporting tool available.
  • 24/7 live Customer Service and wagering clerks.


You see, as much as we love the idea of the movie, and being the guy who stood up and beat the odds, things are just much easier right now, and sports gambling is just a great way to have fun and try to make some money for millions of people all over the world.

Why is college such a good place to be a Bookie?

In a nutshell, College is the perfect environment for your business to work. There is a very well-established sports culture and thousands of students who support their teams day after day. Plus, College sports have a great audience and have some of the most exciting events in ever year’s calendar. Sports betting is just a part of people’s life, and we need to accept that, so, why not be the one ahead, who manages to take a little advantage?

Don’t let other people get ahead of you; be the one. Price per Head is a great tool that is at your hand right now, today, and for just a very small weekly fee per customer. Give us a call right away and let’s get you all set up.


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