Shopping MLB Futures at the Top Online Sportsbooks

The second half of the MLB regular season is one of the most exciting times of the year for baseball fans caught up in the tight division title races in the standings. It is also an exciting time for MLB bettors looking to find the best value in any of the posted futures odds on the board at any number of the top online sportsbooks taking action on these bets.

The MLB betting odds at all of these books are constantly getting updated on Monday mornings following the previous weekend’s results, so it does take some added time and effort on your part to find the best value in the posted numbers at any given time. You not only have futures odds posted for this year’s World Series along with the American League and National League Pennant races, you have the ever changing futures odds for a number of tight division title races on the board.

Things remain tight in half of the MLB division races this season and just like the stock market where individual stock prices fluctuate each and every day, the futures odds for betting on these division races remain in a constant state of change. It is pretty much a given that the Los Angeles Dodgers are going to remain the clear favorites to win the NL Pennant and the Houston Astros have a firm grip on the AL Pennant as the top favorite on the board, but it is still anyone’s guess as to which team will ultimately lay claim to the division title in both the AL East and AL Central as well as in the NL Central over the next few months.

This makes for great baseball down the stretch and it also opens the door for MLB bettors when it comes to finding the best value in the futures odds across any number of online sportsbooks posting odds. One MLB futures betting strategy would be to lock in on three teams that would be your personal picks to win each of the three division title races mentioned above. Once you have come up with your three-team list, the next step is to shop their division title futures odds across the board of the top online books in the game.

If a team’s stock is rising, you may want lock in a bet right now on the most favorable futures odds on the board. All of a sudden Tampa Bay is getting hot in the AL East. If you have the Rays staying hot all the way to the division title, you probably want to place that bet now. Boston is still an overwhelming favorite to win the AL East this season with just about every book taking action on that futures bet. This could be a great wait-and-see team since that number is likely to change in your favor as long as things remain tight in this race.

There are also any number of other MLB futures odds posted this time of the year including ones for the actual matchup in this year’s World Series. As mentioned, the Dodgers facing the Astros in the Fall Classic probably has the best odds on the board, but keep in mind that nothing is a lock, especially when it comes to postseason baseball. Wild card playoff games are one and done events. The division round of the playoffs is a best-of -ive format so a brief cold streak by even the hottest team in the league can alter the entire picture when it comes to World Series matchups.

The real key to making money betting MLB futures is to make your picks with conviction and then shop for the best betting odds across the board at any number of online sportsbooks.